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3107 S Horner Blvd - Sanford NC, 27332

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3107 S Horner Blvd
Sanford, NC 27332

Contact: Robert House
Phone: (919) 776-9480
Fax: 919-774-0588


With a long history of auto body repair and mechanic work, our family knows cars. Father and son Robert and Robert Jr. have worked with cars all their lives. Robert Sr. previously owned Roberts Auto Body and repaired wrecked cars for over 10 years. Although they no longer practice auto repair publicly, you can still find them in their free-time fixing minor mechanical and body issues for long-time customers. Creating lasting relationships with our customers is an important fundamental on which we stand. We approach every customer with honesty as if we were selling a car to our own family. When you step on our lot, you will be met with a friendly handshake and smile. Our goal is not to sell you a car, but rather to help you find the car that you’re looking for and to be a source of knowledge, help, and guidance during the life of your car.

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NC Auto & Equipment Sales

3107 S Horner Blvd  |  Sanford, NC
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